Professional Ramen

       Japanese noodles or Ramen originated from China. The recipes have been developed over the few decades. Thus it became very popular over time, so popular many people think it is a traditional dish in Japan. Due to the rise in popularity, Japanese restaurants with only one type of food such as Ramen, donburi and curry are doing very well since SMEs are easy to manage. With that in mind, Professional Ramen course was created in order to help these business owners in opening up Ramen restaurants.

     This course teaches you Ramen cooking in a professional way. Our chef will also as bonus gives you the tips and technigues from years of experience.



  • Course detail


  1. Tonkotsu soup
  2. Chashu
  3. Clear ramen soup
  4. Mixed Miso paste
  5. Chashu Zaru Ramen
  6. Dried fish stock
  7. Hiyashi-Chuka ramen (Cold ramen)
  8. Ajitama (Ramen egg)
  9. Menma (Seasoned bamboo shoot)
  10. Tonkotsu Ramen 
  11. Shoyu Ramen  
  12. Miso Ramen 
  13. Shio Ramen 
  14. Buta Kakuni ramen 
  15. Tan Tan men
  16. Wonton ramen 








Duration : 4 sessions (12 hrs.) = 2 days


Course fee : Normal price - 16,000 baht / person. PROMOTION PRICE : 15,500 baht / person


This price included...


- Cooking ingredients


- Cook book/Handout  


- Mobile Application with Photo review & Video review


- Certificate by The V School 



Remark : The class will be cancelled if the number of participants are less than 3 persons per class but not over than 9 persons per class. 


Cancelling or Postponing : 1 week in advance (Only weekdays) or pay for a fine 2,000-4,000 baht / person


No show : No refund





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