Basic Japanese Cooking

         Gathered here are the knowledge and the skills needed to learn about the art of Japanese cooking. Whether it be an ingredient such as spices or equipments for different types of cooking, all is provided. Apart from cooking, etiquettes in the kitchen are also taught for instance, the maintenance of cooking equipments and the selection method of raw materials. Our customers learn basic knowledge and understanding of Japanese cooking and the general idea of their culture both in cooking and eating.

         Basic Japanese Cooking Course is divided into 4 seasons (sessions) which are, spring, summer, fall and winter according to the eating habits of the Japanese. Students will get to learn how to make sushi, udons noodles soup, how to make udons from scratch and the different types of cooking; frying, making the soup, steaming, boiling, grilling and more.

         Moreover this course also equips you with the skills to make the famous sauces, Teriyaki sauce and Tonkutsue sauce. To apply for the course, prior experience is not necessary. The course is suitable for all University students, homemakers, chefs, entrepreneurs or any Japanese food enthusiasts.


                                                    Course detail 

                                                  Haru ( Spring )

                                                             -NIGIRI SUSHI 

                                                             -MAKI SUSHI 

                                                             -CALIFORNIA TEMAKI 

                                                             -CHIRASHI SUSHI 

                                                             -MISO SHIRU (MISO SOUP)


             นิกิริซูชิมากิซูชิCalifornia Temaki SushiMiso Shiru ซุปเต้าเจี้ยวญี่ปุ่นChirashi Sushi ข้าวหน้าปลาดิบ


                                                     Natsu ( Summer )


                                                              -SARU SOBA (COLD NOODLES)

                                                              -TEMPURA UDON *** Teach how to make Udon noodles


เทมปุระ Tempuraหมี่เย็นทำเส้นอุด้งสดสอนทำเส้นอุด้งสด


                                                    Aki (Autumn )

                                                                -TORI KARAAGE (FRIED CHICKEN)

                                                               -KATSUDON (DONBURI) 

                                                               -OKONOMIYAKI (JAPANESE PIZZA) & TONKUTSU SAUCE 


ไก่คาราอาเกะข้าวหน้าหมูทอด  คัตสึด้งพิซซ่าญี่ปุ่น โอโคโนมิยากิ


                                                       Fuyu ( Winter ) 

                                                               -IKASU (SQUID SALAD)

                                                               -SABA MISONI 

                                                               -TORI TERIYAKI & TERIYAKI SAUCE

                                                               -CHAWAN MUSHI (STEAMED EGG)


ikasusaba misoni ปลาซาบะต้มมิโสะไก่ย่างเทริยากิซอสไข่ตุ๋นญี่ปุ่น Chawan mushi 




Duration : 4 sessions (12 hrs.) = 2 days


Course fee : Normal price - 10,000 baht / person. PROMOTION PRICE : 8,900 baht / person


This price included...


- Cooking ingredients


- Cook book/Handout  


- Mobile Application with Photo review & Video review


- Certificate by The V School 




Remark : The class will be cancelled if the number of participants are less than 3 persons per class but not over than 9 persons per class. 


Cancelling or Postponing : 1 week in advance (Only weekdays) or pay for a fine 2,000-4,000 baht / person

No show : No refund










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