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Korean Signature Dishes Course
Since the 20th century, Korean food has been spread and popular all over the world. and is a hot trend for Thailand at the moment Korean cuisine includes both traditional Korean dishes and dishes influenced by China and Japan. but to be modified to be their own identity therefore, it makes it an interesting dish for foodies all over the world.
The V School collects the menu that is considered as the Signature Dish of Korea to teach as follows.
Making cabbage kimchi, kimchi jike, bibimbap, jajangmyeon, bulgogi, galbi, tteokbokki, ginseng stewed chicken, etc.
The Vee School Culinary Institute therefore opened the course Top 5 Korean food sessions which are perfect for Entrepreneurs who want to add new menus to restaurants, housewives and people who are interested in making Korean food. While learning about Korean culture through cooking by this course Will introduce you to the unique ingredients of Korea, food names and translations. Authentic Korean cooking techniques.
Registration fee Korean food
Regular price 18,000 baht , promotional price = 15,500 baht net per 15-hour course.
There is a mobile application for reviewing teaching by Photo Review.
Note: We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a course in the event that the registered person is less than 4 people per 1 course.
and limited to no more than 8 students per 1 course  
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