Salmon Filleting Course

Salmon Filleting Course

Norwegian salmon แล่ปลาแซลมอน salmon filletingsalmon filleting


     Salmon is widely used in Japanese cooking. It is popular both when raw and cooked. Not only does the fish taste good but also it is also filled with useful nutrients for the human body. All the salmon used for this course have been selected and imported from Norway, one of the countries very famous for their salmon. Students will learn about the maintenance of kitchen equipments and proper salmon selection techniques as well as salmon filleting itself. Professional Salmon Filleting Course teaches you from the very basics of salmon filleting for sushi and sashimi to how to cook the different parts of salmon, whether it be boiling, frying or even pickling with an authentic taste of Japan.


Course Content

  1. Salmon Filleting / slicing (Nigiri cut / Sushi cut / Steak cut)
  2. Salmon Kabutoni
  3. Salmon Steak set & garlic fried rice
  4. Shime Salmon Toro 
  5. Salmon Toro Ojiya 
  6. Salmon Oboro 

หัวปลาแซลมอนต้มซีอิ้ว   salmon steak 

salmon nigiri  oboro


Duration : 3 sessions (9 hrs.)

Course fee : Normal price - 22,000 baht / person. PROMOTION PRICE : 18,990 baht / person

This price included...

- Cooking ingredients

- Cook book/Handout  

- Mobile Application with Photo review & Video review

- Certificate by The V School 




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