Japanese Style Dessert Course


Course principle & objective

     This course teaches you the skills necessary to make traditional Japanese dessert as well as European ones. There are 3 menus in total all taught together in a 3 hours session.

 sakura mochi daifuku caramel custard


1. Sakura Mochi - Kansai style

sakura leaf   sakura mochisakura mochi

    The saltiness of the leaves combined with the sweet texture of the mochi and its red bean paste filling would create a very fine taste but could become even more exquisite when complimented with a glass of hot tea.


2. Daifuku


A red bean flavoured dessert, Daifuku. Within the lesson of this dessert, students will learn the proper way of making the filling of the Daifuku, blended red bean paste which can also be applied to other menus


3. Caramel Custard

caramel custard

Japanese style caramel custard comes with a sweet aroma. The texture is soft with its uniqueness all the way from Japan. THE V SCHOOL has carefully picked fresh quality eggs for our classes to ensure the smooth texture for your sweet experience with us.


Duration : 1 sessions (3 hrs.)

Course fee : Normal price - 4,500 baht / person. PROMOTION PRICE : 3,850 baht / person

This price included...

- Cooking ingredients

- Cook book/Handout  

- Mobile Application with photo review

- Certificate by The V School 




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