Japanese Food Carving



Course principle & objective

     It is very important to make a good appearance in food especially on beauty, color, flavor, and taste. Therefore, Japanese food carving course will teach you how to decorate your plate and visual image of food from vegetables you have. Moreover, you will improve and know more on knife using technique from this carving course.


Course detail

- Katsura-Muki (Rotary peeling)

- Chrysanthemum

-  Japanese fan

- Bamboo 

- Sakura

- Butterfly

- Star

- Pinwheel





Duration 2 Sessions (6 Hours)

Course fee : Normal price - 6,000 baht / person. PROMOTION PRICE : 5,000 baht / person

This price included...

- Cooking ingredients

- Cook book/Handout  

- Mobile Application with photo review

- Certificate by The V School 






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