111 hrs Japanese Chef Training Course

111 Hours Japanese Chef Training Course

Full program Japanese Chef Training in 16 short courses Japanese cuisine

professional chef96hrs Japanese Chef Training Course

96 Hours Japanese Chef Training Course

This course contain 13 practical short courses for those who prefer to learn about japanese cuisine.

ิbasic japanese cookingBasic Japanese Cooking Course

Basic Japanese Cooking Course

Divided into 4 seasons (sessions) which are, spring, summer, fall and winter according to the eating habits of the Japanese. 

Japanese Home Style cookingJapanese Home Style

Japanese Home Style Cooking Course

Japanese Home cooking menu on daily dish and festival. It focuses on the use of basic ingredients in home style cooking such as Gobo, Oba leaves and many more. 

ซูชิIntensive Sushi Training Course

Intensive Sushi Training Course

This course provide you with a necessary skills and knowledge needed to become a Sushi chef

ฟิวชั่นซูชิInternational Style Fusion Sushi Course

International Style Fusion Sushi Course

Students will learn about the fusion technique between traditional Japanese and American style. 

แล่ปลาแซลมอนSalmon Filleting Course

Professional Salmon Filleting Course 

Teaches you from the very basics of salmon filleting for sushi and sashimi to how to cook the different parts of salmon with an authentic taste of Japan.

ramenProfessional Ramen Course

Professional Ramen Course

This course teaches you Ramen cooking in a professional way, we will learn 4 main types of soup, Chashu, seasoned egg (Ajitama), menma, etc. 

Canadian Lobster Course

Live Canadian Lobster Course - learn 7 menus using Live Canadian Lobster 

Shabu-Shabu Course

Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki Course

In this course, we mainly teach how to slice the meat with slicer machine, making shabu soup in different types which contain two traditional Japanese sauce and one outstanding Thai sauces.

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