Chef Walter Lee

Chef Walter Lee

My almost 30 years of travels around the world as a chef, a restaurantuer or just a plain curious traveler, with a penchant for great food and greater times had led me to dream and envision of a place to propagate my own style of cooking and learning spanning the globe with the world.

15 years ago, I founded “The V School” - a boutique, custom-designed, culinary school focusing on Asian cuisines with an extra emphasis on Japanese and Thai with the slogan  “Enriching the body, heart and soul through culinary arts and science”.

No matter it is a career-choice, skill development or just plain curiosity, you will probably find something at the V School.


Why Thailand?  Why not?

Thailand today is the most visited country among Asean Nations in South East Asia and Thai cuisine today is one of the top 5 most fastest growing & popular ethnic cuisines in the world together with Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.


Why The V School?

Because we are passionate about the culinary arts, always respecting the classics yet never stopping to challenge the new frontiers.  If we are not embarrassed at the first attempt, then we are probably not learning right!

The essence of life and learning is being comfortable when we are out of the comfort zone.

Finally as a part of curriculum, all our students and alumni will have full access to The V School application in the digital space to further enhance your learning experience of both hands-on practical in the school and on command viewing in the internet anytime, anywhere around the world.


I look forward to sharing our gastronomic journey with you.

Bon Apetit & Viva La Vie


Walter Lee 


Current TV Program of Chef Walter Lee :

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